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Phillip Strouth – Sales Representative

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Phil Strouth has worked for and partnered with Carolina Material Handling since 1996 (over 25 years).

His number one goal has been to provide high quality material handling equipment and services to his customers while providing  great customer service.

“I still have many of the same customer’s as when I started 25 years ago.”

Phil has great experience with the following products:  Pallet Rack Storage Systems, Pallet Rack Protection Systems, Heavy Duty Industrial Guard Rail, Powered and Gravity Conveyor Systems, Mezzanines, Modular Office Systems, Specialty Carts and Hand Trucks, Wire Partition and Cage Systems, Drum Handling Equipment, Industrial Installation Services, and Heavy Duty Casters and Wheels(

He developed to be able to provide his years of experience in the caster and wheel industry for customers all over the United States.  He also developed a heavy duty pallet rack protection system         and is sold exclusively through Carolina Material Handling.


“We ship casters and wheels to customer all over the United States.  CMH and I have vast knowledge on all types of heavy duty caster applications and strategic caster manufacturers across the country to provide quick shipment and high quality casters to solve any application.”

“Our Pallet Rack Protection Systems are the quickest, easiest, and strongest pallet rack upright protection and warehouse safety on the market.”


Along with serving customers across the United States, Phil focuses on serving the following areas of North Carolina and Virginia.


Brown Summit, NC • Burlington, NC • Climax, NC • Denton, NC • Eden, NC • Elon, NC • Gibsonville, NC • Graham, NC • Greensboro, NC • High Point, NC • Hillsborough, NC • Jamestown, NC • Lexington, NC • Liberty, NC • Madison, NC • Mayodan, NC • McLeansville, NC • Mebane, NC • Pinehurst, NC • Pittsboro, NC • Randleman, NC • Reidsville, NC • Robbins, NC • Roxboro, NC • Salisbury, NC • Sanford, NC • Siler City, NC • Southern Pines, NC • Thomasville, NC • Whitsett, NC • Blacksburg, VA • Chatham, VA • Christiansburg, VA • Danville, VA • Dublin, VA • Martinsville, VA • Roanoke, VA

Our C4 channel rack end rub rail for pallet rack protection is a quick, easy and affordable way to protect your end of aisle pallet rack systems.

REPK48-18 Rack End Protection Kit to protect your pallet racking.

We like to keep your employees safe…. In this case we use wire grid rack backing panels. These mount directly to the pallet rack uprights and prevent product from being pushed off the back where operators will be working. We can install this to any rack system for more protection.

Keep your pallet rack safe in your freezer. Pallet rack can take abuse in grocery warehouses and frozen goods storage. We supply our REPK42-12 rack end protection kit to help keep the rack safe.

We deliver pallet rack to our customers quickly and in great shape…. We can ship pallet rack anywhere in the country with quick ship pallet rack.

Super strong storage cabinets are one of our most popular items. This Stronghold cabinet is made for a local company to store ammunition and other expensive equipment. We had this made to his specs for extra security and storage compartments in the door. 12 ga. steel cabinet with 5 adjustable shelves, one door with lock, and 6 door pockets. 36″ wide x 24″ deep x 78″ high.

Do you need a solid shelf to store your items in Pallet rack? If so we’ve got you covered. See how use a solid galvanized steel decking to create a solid shelf level for product to sit on. The solid steel decking is an option to standard wire deck shelving. The solid steel decking will allow product to sit on a flat level surface.

More pallet load Beam stops installed for a customer to help eliminate pallets from being pushed off the back side of the pallet rack.

Do you need to protect your expensive air compressor system for your plant facility operations? Sure you do. We can install heavy duty guardrail in front of your important equipment to help eliminate damage to your system. This guard rail is too high guardrail with lift out rails for ease of working on the equipment when needed. Each section is 7 ft Long Center to center of column and 42 inches high.
Do you have something that could potentially fall off the back of your pallet rack into a pedestrian aisle or production area? If you do we have the product for you. We can install rack back panels to the back of your pallet rack to keep product from falling onto employees. This is one of our Key Safety features for pallet racking.

See this equipment behind our single high guardrail? If that equipment gets hit or damaged it will shut down the operation and cost the customer thousands of dollars an hour. Therefore we install the single High guard rail with lift out rails in case they need to get to the equipment and adjusted or work on it. This section is 18 inches high by 5 foot long and will help keep this important equipment protected.

Do you need to protect your valuable equipment? Sure. Let us install some high-quality guardrail in front of your valuable production equipment. It keeps damage from forklifts.
REPK42-18 and REPK96-18. Rack and protection kit. Installed in high traffic areas of our customer’s Warehouse to keep the end of the rows protected.

Our best selling product is our Rack End Protection Kit. REPK42-18 is our end protection kit that protects the end of a pallet rack row or tunnel aisle. Includes two 18″ high post protectors and one 42″ long structural steel rail that bolts to the post protectors. Easy and quick installation and helps protect the entire bottom half of the upright from forklift damage.

Do you have pallet rack damage? If so we do rack surveys to give our expert opinion if your rack needs repair or replacement. We also have repair kits and other products to help keep your warehouse safe.


Conveyor systems help move your product down your production line. We can do gravity roller conveyor or automated powered conveyor systems.

Pallet rack safety is one of our most important services to our customers… In this case we have installed pallet load stop beams in this existing pallet rack. The load stop beams are 10′ long with a 6″ offset. This keeps the two pallets in a back to back rack system from hitting each other or pushing one pallet off the other side when loading.
In order to install these type of load stop beams we have to work with the warehouse operators to clear space so we can install. Our customer did a great job of moving material for us and we performed the work quickly and safely…

See the comment from our customer… “Phillip, Thank you and your team for your hard work.” Warehouse Manager / Production Manager.

Conveyor systems help move your product down your production line. We can do gravity roller conveyor or automated powered conveyor systems.

Poly on Aluminum. Anti-corrosive and weather resistant.

Can you use teardrop style pallet rack as garment rack?

Sure you can! Our customer in Sanford, NC CUOC created a great way to use our standard teardrop pallet rack to store garments in their warehouse. They use threaded rod dropped down from the channel of the wire decking to hang 2″ round pipe. Then they just use coat hangers to hang on the pipe. The boxed goods and pallets can still be stored overhead.

20EP72 Bluff Edge of Dock provides safe and durable loading and unloading of trucks. We mounted an approach plate to the existing concrete dock and welded the edge of dock to the approach plate and secured to the face of the concrete dock with concrete wedge anchors. 20,000 lbs capacity with a 72″ wide usable plate that easily folds out and lays in the bed of the trailer. Dock bumpers are part of the edge dock.

Check out our latest large scale pallet rack storage system for one of our customers in North Carolina. This is their east coast distribution center. We used Interlake teardrop storage rack. 20′ high x 42″ deep double posted heavy duty uprights, 12′ long x 6.5″ face beams with 7,500# capacity per shelf level and 42″ deep x 46″ wide wire decks with 2,700# capacity per piece. We also installed end of aisle protection for the pallet rack and bolt on post protectors for added forklift damage protection.

Our customer needed a way to separate their warehouse area from their production area. We designed a Goff’s Curtain wall to do the job. Now the customer can keep their production area at a constant temperature and use less energy to do it. The curtain wall has two drive thru / walk thru strip door curtains for forklift traffic and worker access.

A roofing company in NC needed a rack to store heavy items. They acquired from us, one single bay of our used pallet rack. Many beams were used to avoid over stacking while still maximizing storage efficiency.

We installed a 14′ high x 29′ long outdoor industrial curtain in Greensboro, NC in November, 2016. The curtain is 28 oz. beige vinyl coated polyester material with welded sewn seams and welded seam hem construction. This outdoor curtain will provide protection from debris and water from going into the scrap metal bins. This industrial curtain is hooked to trolleys that ride in a 12 ga. galvanized steel track mounted to the existing awning.

Our customer in Martinville, VA needed storage for their great products. CMH and I helped design a teardrop pallet rack system to help their warehouse rack needs. We used new upright and wire decks, but we’re able to include used teardrop beams to recycle back into use. Great win for all.

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