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We are proud to offer Spaceguard Products Wire Mesh Partition Security Caging.


Having security and safety issues? Finding that your tools have “grown legs” and disappeared? Here at Carolina Material Handling, we understand that safety and security issues are critical. That’s why we offer Spaceguard Products wire caging and partitions to help you secure your storage areas and inventory. With a variety of wire mesh options including woven, welded, and expanded metal, we have the ability to design systems suited for your specific needs. Both of the high quality wire partition lines from SpaceGuard Products come in a resilient polyester powder coat finish.

Spaceguard Products produces welded and woven wire mesh storage lockers, partitions and security caging solutions for government and military secure storage and safety needs. We have virtually every possible component, individually, so we can custom build cages to your specifications.

Portion of completed Wire Mesh Security Caging installation in Norfolk, VA.


Basic Wire Mesh Security Caging Example

If you are in a rush for standard security caging, look no further than FordLogan woven wire partitions. Standard height material that is painted gray can be ready within 48 hours. This line uses a traditional 10ga woven wire (1-1/2” diamond pattern) which is crimped into a c-channel framework. As a bonus, the doors in this product line can also be reversed in the field.


The second wire security caging and partition line, SG2000, is perfect for situations which require a bit more versatility. These partitions come with a variety of wire mesh infill options including woven wire, welded wire, and even expanded metal. Stock material comes in a 10ga wire which is welded into a 2” square pattern. These heavy-duty systems utilize panels stacked in between 2”x2” square posts. This design allows us to meet any height requirements. Doors can be customized with a variety of lock options including, but not limited to: mortise locks, padlock hasps, magnetic locks, panic bars, electronic strikes, and push-button locks.

Solve your safety, inventory control, and security needs by contacting our team. With our wide selection of customizable wire mesh partitions from SpaceGuard Products, we have what you need to resolve your security and safety issues. Contact us today to discuss your specifications.

Portion of completed Spaceguard Products Security Caging installation in Norfolk, VA.