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Military gear piling up and getting in your way? Looking for top quality military storage lockers? At CMH Government Division, we offer a wide selection of TA-50 military lockers, gear cabinets, bulk storage lockers, wire mesh gear lockers, and military storage options.

Gear lockers are a great feature to add in gyms or locker rooms for personal items that need to be stored and kept secure. We offer units that include a full-width coat rod, 2 coat hooks, and a shelf.

Our lockers are made specifically to help organize and remove the everyday clutter of military gear so our soldiers and military personnel stay organized and focused.

The TA-50 locker is a large military personnel storage and equipment storage device. It is durable, secure and is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your facility. We work with List Industries to design and build quality military storage options. Depending on the gear that needs to be stored, List Industries offers different options and configurations to customize the storage lockers to fit your requirements.

Officers and military personnel prefer List Industries TA-50 Military Storage Lockers due to their heavy-duty materials, modern look, quality construction, and innovative design. And also due to their LIFETIME WARRANTY. These lockers can also be customized to fit a variety of color schemes to give them a personalized feel for your unit. Easy and fast to install and dependable, our storage lockers are built to last.

Usually these heavy duty all-welded lockers come equipped with a double-hinged door on the front, featuring a three-point lock. You can use your own padlock. The three-point lock is very well protected. A rod is employed at both the bottom and top of the storage lockers and a heavy steel padlock lug is arranged in the center of the door. We can also provide secure hatches within the locker for storage of valuable gear or personal items. Openings can be custom made for footgear, helmets or other apparel, ensuring that any gear placed inside the locker is safe and secure.

Contact Carolina Material Handling today. We will work with you to acquire your specifications for TA-50 Military Storage Lockers. We all want our soldiers and officers to rest assured knowing that their gear is safe and secure.