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Tired of making many trips to transport waste or bulk material? Then you may be in need of Self Dumping Steel Hoppers, perfectly designed to make handling waste and bulk material safer and more convenient. Here at Carolina Material Handling we have many hoppers and material handling equipment options for you to choose from. From Self Dumping Steel Hoppers to Steel Hopper and Hopper accessories, we have the latest state-of-the-art equipment for your material handling needs.

First, let’s take a look at our Self Dumping Steel Hoppers. These big labor savers are made specifically to dump themselves, right themselves and lock themselves into place for safer material handling. Built tough and durable with all-welded construction, our Self Dumping Steel Hoppers are available in a narrow model to fit into tight spaces without losing load capacity. Fork truck entry tubes make dumping into large containers easy. Our Steel Hopper has a foot-operated caster lock included. With a weight capacity of 2,000 pounds, the Steel Hopper is ideal for handling bulk material.


Our Low Profile Dumpers are rugged units designed to meet height restrictions that cannot be obtained with standard hoppers. Used mainly under presses, work stations, conveyors or anywhere space is limited, these dumpers are great for small spaces. If you are looking for something with more capacity, then take a look at our large volume hoppers. One of the many products in our material handling equipment arsenal, these large volume hoppers are used to handle volume metal, plastic, wood, cardboard scrap and much more. The body is reinforced for increased strength so our large volume hoppers are an excellent choice for your larger jobs.


If you need accessories to go with your new Steel Hopper, then look no further than Carolina Material Handling. We offer lids to keep the contents of your Steel Hopper out of sight. Constructed from heavy-duty black polyethylene material, these lids are easy to open and lightweight. For our Self Dumping Steel Hoppers we offer hinged lids. Both lightweight and economical, our hinged lids come in blue, gray, red, white, yellow, green, orange or black body colors.

Contact Carolina Material Handling today to speak with us about your requirements and specifications for Self Dumping Steel Hoppers. It is an honor to serve the US Military and the Federal Government.