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We are proud to offer Presto Lifts material lifts, pallet tilters, and stackers.


Lifting heavy equipment or materials can be dangerous and tedious if you do not possess the proper equipment. Here at Carolina Material Handling Government Division, we offer a broad selection of material lifts to suit your everyday needs. We work with Presto Lifts to offer our customers the best quality made material lifts available. Proper equipment will help you be safe and secure while your employees are performing their jobs.

Our Presto Lifts scissor lift table is second to none. Offered in both hydraulic and pneumatic types, these scissor lift tables are perfect for your heavy lifting needs. We also offer a custom-built scissor lifting table, so you can customize your scissor lifting table to fit your specifications. With an easy 5 step customization process, your scissor lift tables will be exactly what you need. Step 1 is choosing your platform size. What you need to lift will affect your platform size. Step 2 is choosing your lift capacity. Step 3 is choosing the frame size. Step 4 is choosing your power unit. Step 5 is choosing your control type: either the hydraulic or pneumatic power unit. Your Carolina Material Handling rep will go through these steps with you to determine the proper specs.

Two Foot-Operated Lifts – See our full selection for other varieties.


Two of the Presto Lifts Stackers offered.

Our Presto Lifts scissor lift tables are designed with the end user in mind. If you decide to go with one of our Hydraulic lifts which are electronic or manually powered lift tables, you have many options to choose from. Regular sized scissor lifts are perfect for just about any work lifting heavy materials. Then you have our compact scissor lifts with a 2,000 pound capacity for smaller jobs. Light Duty Manual and Electric scissor lifts are available so you can have the convenience of an industrial grade lift, designed specifically for lighter loads. If you decide to go with our pneumatic Presto Lifts scissor lift table, which require no electricity and can be used anywhere that compressed air is available, you also have many options to choose from. Scissor lifts, lift and tilts, and lift and rotate options are all available for your convenience and lifting needs. So no matter your lifting needs, here at Carolina Material Handling we have you covered. Working with Presto Lifts, we offer a great selection of scissor lifts to ensure that your every lifting need is met. At Carolina Material Handling we are honored to be of service to the US Military and the Federal Government.