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Carolina Material Handling is honored to be able to extend our services to the federal government and military.

Products Offered

To fulfill your storage and material handling requirements we offer Presto Lifts products, Morse Drum handling equipment, List Industries lockers, Spaceguard Products wire cages/partitions, Jesco self-dumping hoppers, and Interlake Mecalux pallet racking uprights and beams on our schedule 56.

Presto Lifts is the industry leader in the manufacturing and design of durable hydraulic and pneumatic lift equipment that will improve productivity and safety for the government and military or those on government contracts.

Morse manufactures ergonomic drum and barrel handling equipment to move, lift, pour, weight, and rack drums and barrels. They also have drum trucks, dollies, palletizers and attachments for forklifts. Morse makes a complete line of industrial drum handlers such as drum rollers and drum rotators to mix the contents of sealed drums. Durable drum handling equipment is essential for government contractors.

We feature List Industries TA-50 lockers for all of your heavy-duty security and bulk storage needs. These lockers are extremely dependable and long lasting. Highly secure, they provide safe and strong personal storage. The TA-50 locker is a large military personnel storage and equipment storage device. It is durable, secure and is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your facility. We work with List Industries to design and build quality military storage options. Depending on the gear that needs to be stored, List Industries offers different options and configurations to customize the storage lockers to fit your requirements. All military lockers and TA50 secured cages are available under contract.

Spaceguard Products produces welded and woven wire mesh storage lockers, partitions and area guarding solutions for government and military contractors’ secure storage and safety needs. We have virtually every possible component on our schedule, individually, so we can custom build cages to your specifications.

Jesco all-welded dump hoppers handle bulk materials or scrap easily. Can be moved with a forklift or rolled on casters. The narrow models are designed to fit into tight spaces without losing load capacity. Jesco Dump Hoppers are engineered to dump when locking mechanism is tripped and to return to upright locked position when empty. 2 cubic yard and larger hoppers have dropped fronts for easier loading. Retaining chain and trip rope are standard.

Interlake Mecalux is one of North America’s largest pallet rack manufacturers. Through our partnership with Interlake Mecalux we offer a variety of racking and shelving solutions for any storage facility or warehouse. Roll-formed Selective Pallet Rack is the most popular and versatile racking in the industry. It offers the best solutions for warehouses with palletized products and a wide variety of goods. Interlake Mecalux Selective Pallet Rack is available with either bolted or welded (boltless) frames. The company’s patented beam-to-frame connection creates the most rigid and reliable structure available. Please contact our sales staff for more information regarding your pallet racking needs.

Soon To Be Added

Steel shelving is being added to our schedule, as well as wire decking, mezzanine storage, heavy-duty cabinets and much more.

All of our products are put through rigorous testing and quality evaluations prior to shipment to ensure that you are receiving flawless equipment.

A History of Service

Our company was founded on the principle of service by a veteran of Vietnam. An Army aviator, John L. Middleton belonged to the UTT Helicopter Company, the first armed helicopter group. Its mission was to escort and protect helicopter companies flying troops into battle. We are proud of this legacy.

These turn-key solutions can include cost of installation and shipping with all of our quotes. If you have a government project that falls within the realm of storage and handling, please give us a call so we can determine how we may best assist you in finding the optimal solution for your needs.