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Fluid Handling Systems by CMH

Would you like to cut your fluid handling costs by as much as 80%? Would you also like to reduce the risk of spills and injuries? Consider an alternative fluid storage and dispensing system for oil, lubricants, and industrial fluids. Eliminate heavy drums and the requisite drum handling equipment that accompanies them, and try a lighter, more mobile option. CMH has the perfect solutions for your fluid handling needs. Our fluid storage and dispensing systems improve storage by providing better ways to handle oils, lubricants, or any industrial fluid.

• Holds 15,30,60, or More Gallons
• Storage Space on Carts
• Eliminate Multiple Trips
• Each Cart Has Own Pump
• Rugged Construction
• Very Maneuverable
• No More Spills!

Save money and space, avoid spills and injuries, and make work more convenient and productive – the benefits are numerous. Contact us for a quote today!