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Factors to Consider when Choosing Industrial Casters

There are many factors to consider when looking for industrial casters in Greensboro to install onto a new or existing piece of equipment. You don’t want to install a set of casters only to find later out that they are damaging your flooring or fail when you need them most. There are many casters in many different sizes and load capacities. You want to choose a caster with long service life and durability. The medium and medium-heavy series casters are the most commonly used casters in the material handling industry. These casters are used on carts, hand trucks and dollies in the warehousing, food service, retail and many other medium duty applications. Medium-heavy casters are used for factory part carts that transport sensitive items as well as aircraft maintenance, tool chests and more. But how do you know if medium duty casters are the right type of casters for your job? Here are a few factors to consider when you are selecting a caster for your job:

What Application Do You Need Casters For?

The first critical question when considering casters is, what type of equipment will you install your casters on? The answer to this question will help you to define the weight that will be applied to the casters, so you know whether to select light-duty, medium-duty or heavy-duty casters. It is also important to consider the environment in which you will use the casters. Will noise reduction be and issue? Understanding the application details will help you make the best choice for your material handling needs.

How Movable Does Your Equipment Need to Be?

If your equipment is only traveling in a straight line, such as heavy materials that are moved out occasionally for cleaning and then back to the same space, then fixed casters may be your best option. However, swivel casters offer better maneuverability. Swivel locks are another component that needs to be considered. Swivel locks enable you to have the option of moving an item in just a straight line. Ease of moving items is the reason for installing casters, but just how much flexibility you have in that movement is very important to know.

Do you Need Brakes?

Do you need to move an item only some of the time? Casters with brakes may be an option to consider. When the brakes are in one position, the item can be moved easily, but the brakes in another position and the item will be unmovable. With the brake option, there are numerous factors to consider as well. Some questions to consider would be: do you need a total lock brake that locks the swivel with one application or would you need a brake that functions automatically such as a compression brake? Determining your braking needs is critical because adding this option later means changing the entire caster.

What Wheels Do You Need

When choosing the right caster, the type of wheel used in the environment is important to the overall success of the caster’s function. If you are moving loads on a rough surface, such as outside, then a pneumatic wheel that can handle the shocks without transferring it to the load would be needed. Another factor is how the temperature of use will affect the wheel. For optimum performance, choose a wheel that was designed for the surface on which you’ll be using them. A general rule of thumb is to use a wheel type that’s the opposite of your floorings such as soft wheels on hard flooring and hard wheels on soft flooring. The wheels dimensions are also important to ensure the best efficiency from your casters. In the majority of the cases, the larger the wheel, the better it rolls is mostly true. However, smaller wheels may be more suited for sensitive electronic equipment such as medical devices since this helps control the maneuverability of the casters and make the equipment easier to handle while it is being transported.

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