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Exploring all the ways WireCrafters Wire Cages can Help your Facility

Wire cages have an array of uses and a long list of benefits. Businesses of all kinds can use wire partition cages to improve organization, safety, and security in the workplace. Carolina Material Handling offers wire partitions and related products from WireCrafters, a leading manufacturer in the industry. There are numerous ways wire cages can improve your facility: 

Increase Security and Organize your Facility with Better Storage 

Wire partition cages offer a variety of security options. 

  • Data Centers. Keep servers holding valuable data completely secure with lockable wire cages.  
  • Holding Cells. Law enforcement can use wire cages for holding cells.  
  • Tool Cribs. Keep valuable tools safe and protected in wire tool cribs.  
  • Storage Lockers. Wire cages make great storage lockers for personal storage for employees, tenants, military, and more.  
  • DEA Drug Storage. Wire partition cages are up to code for DEA drug storage. 
  • Evidence Security. When law enforcement needs to keep valuable evidence, locked wire cages allow for visibility and security.  
  • Weapons Security. Weapons lockers and cabinets keep weapons and ammunition secure to be accessed only by those who are authorized to do so.  

Increase Safety for Workers and Customers 

Personnel safety should always be top priority in the workplace. Safety options include: 

  • Machine Guards. Working machines with moving parts can be a hazard when not properly secured. Wire partitions offer a protective barrier between machines and workers while still allowing airflow throughout. WireCrafters’ patented RapidGuard™ lift-out guarding system allows for easy access to machinery when necessary.  
  • Guard rails. Wire partitions and other guardrail systems protect people and machines like forklifts from hazardous areas.  
  • RackBack® Safety Panels. When loading pallets onto pallet racks, it’s easy to overload and push heavy loads off of the back of a shelf. RackBack® panels prevent this by offering a wire barrier on the back of pallet racks. Avoid accidents and injuries when storing pallets.  

Quality Products, Solid Construction, and Strong Materials 

When it comes to security and safety, it’s important for products to be reliable and lasting. WireCrafters woven and welded steel mesh is sturdy and strong. The mesh panels attach to steel posts, to accommodate as many panels as needed to achieve your desired cage size. There are a variety of doors, handles, and locking mechanisms to choose from to make your wire partition cage complete.  

Affordable, Economical Options for Facility Storage 

One of the biggest benefits of wire partition cages is their affordability. Wire mesh paneling is designed and manufactured to be cost-effective. When you need storage, security, safety barriers, or even whole room divisions, wire partitions can achieve this at a much lower cost than permanent walls. Wire panels offer the added benefit of free-flowing air, meaning you do not need separate climate control for cages. You’ll save your business money in a variety of ways with so many affordable options. Call Carolina Material Handling at (336) 294-2346 to speak with a sales associate about the best WireCrafters products for your facility.