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2209 Patterson Court
Greensboro, NC 27407
Phone: 800-822-8833

I am an avid follower of sports and sports teams. I follow the NFL, International Rugby, college basketball, the Carolina Panthers, NC State, and UVA. However, I am not just a follower of sports but I keep myself physically active pushing and pulling weights and playing competitive singles tennis. My other hobbies include research into international living and World War II studies.

I enjoy spending quality time with my family, especially my three daughters who are under the age of three.

My commitment to my family has placed me in tough spots a few times. For instance, I had to once very reluctantly punch a black bear on its nose at 3 am when laying in a tent in Linville Gorge. The provocation was my desire to protect my 8-year-old nephew. I am still grateful that the bear took the hint and sauntered off – probably because it was surprised.

I come from Greensboro and have been in the materials handling business for over 26 years now. My many years of experience in this business have helped me understand customer requirements. At CMH all employees are encouraged to perform well at all times and meet the requirements and expectations of customers. We walk the talk when we make business commitments. We are happy to hear from our customers when we come through with shining colors, this is what enthuses us and energizes our workday. We deliver on our promises.

While we love to hear words of praise from our customers, we also take any negative feedback seriously. If we make a mistake we work to rectify it and learn from it. We work to fix our errors so that the customer does not lose out because of our mistakes. Our company believes that capitalism moves on good faith and that good faith is the foundation of our character. We ensure that we walk the talk.