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Drum Handling Equipment is an Industrial Supply that Increases Safety

Concerned about workplace safety? Do you need industrial supplies , such as warehouse storage racks and drum handling equipment? When it comes to safety, Carolina Material Handling has a variety of top rated products that will keep your employees safe and increase efficiency. Many companies use 55-gallon drums for moving waste and storing raw materials. Drum handling equipment is quickly rising as a vital element when it comes to workplace safety and efficiency.


Fewer Accidents with Drum Handling Equipment

Large 55- gallon drums can be cumbersome and even hazardous to maneuver. Barrels, paper rolls, and cable rolls are also main components in some facilities that are being handled by employees. Having the proper drum handling equipment can mean fewer accidents and a safer environment for your workers. Here are some of the benefits of drum handling equipment, according to

Drum handling equipment is specially designed to make the movement and work concerning heavy drums as effortless, safe, and time efficient as possible. The long-term benefits include:

Greater workplace safety with less accident and incidents related to stress injuries and improper handling accidents, which in turn reduces injury claims and time off from work and instills confidence among employees.

Improved quality of product with lesser risk of product damage during movement and handling.

Workers can maximize their work output through faster handling.

Eliminates the physical strength and endurance that would otherwise be required for a worker to manually handle drums.”

How to Select the Best Drum Handler for Your Needs

Drum Handlers range in cost and quality There are also other factors to consider such as capacity and size of drum. Here’s a list of helpful factors to review when making a purchase of drum handling equipment, as mentioned on

  • “Type of drum– plastic, fiber, metal
  • Size of drum – weight and dimensions
  • Drum’s contents
  • Tightness of space the handler will be working
  • Floor lift required
  • Dumping and/or lifting height
  • Capacity – number and frequency of drums to be handled
  • The work to be done concerning the drum – lift, move, empty, tilt, rotate, roll, etc.”

Drum Handlers are a Wise Investment

Invest wisely in your business and in your employee’s safety with drum handling equipment. With fewer safety issues, your employees will be healthier, and business will be more efficient. Here are some of the reasons that drum handling equipment is a smart purchase:

According to OSHA, drum handlers are proven to improve workplace safety in handling hazardous, heavy drums through minimizing the amount of actual physical handling done by employees. Of course, improved workplace safety has an array of subsequent effects, such as fewer employee absences, fewer worker’s compensation claims, improved employee morale, and more efficient productivity. Over time, a drum handler is an investment that more than pays for itself.”

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