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Dock Equipment

Carolina Material Handling provides a wide variety of loading dock equipment. Our customers have relied on us to offer safe and efficient dock loading equipment for over 20 years. We are constantly adding new dock equipment to our product line so that we can help you stay ahead of the competition. All of our dock equipment is reasonably priced. We offer dock boards, dock bumpers, lifts, lighting, dock plates, seal shelters, strip doors, and more.

In Stock Dock Equipment

PKR-220 27″ Wide x 27″ Long Plastic Curb Ramp; Non Skid Surface 600# 9# $99.00
E-3636 36″ Wide X 36″ Long X 3/8″ Thick Aluminum Dock Plate 2,500# 5″ 68# $451
E-4836 48″ Wide X 36″ Long X 3/8″ Thick Aluminum Dock Plate 3,500# 5″ 83# $496
27267 21″ Wide X 48″ Long Forks 5,500# 5″ 83# $496
ADS10-6048 60″Wide X 48″ Long Aluminum Dock Board with Steel Curbs 10000# 169# $925
ADS15-6048 60″Wide X 48″ Long Aluminum Dock Board with Steel Curbs 15000# 204# $1175
Edge of Dock Leveler
  • 20,000 Lbs. Capacity
  • Self-storing handle
  • Bumper and bumper blocks included
  • Positioned by lifting a self-storing handle and pulling it to the dock floor
  • Latch assembly activates the lip forward to the floor of the trailer as handle is lifted
  • Automatically returns to stored position when truck leaves
  • Optimum dock height is 51” (refrigerated lip is optional)
Aluminum Dock plates
Aluminum Dock Boards

Aluminum Dock Boards are ideal for low to medium volume dock loading applications. Dock Boards are for use with forklifts and pallet jacks.

Dock Plates
  • Hand slots or handles – no additional charge.
  • Beveled edges – Provide a smoth entry and exit.
  • Engineered bend – Keeps plate flush with dock and truck.
  • Safety locking legs – Reversible for refrigerated applications. Allows for quick field repair.
  • Safety yellow tape – taped edges for low light visibility.
Aluminum Curb Ramps

Aluminum dock boards, or ramps, are made from tough aluminum and offer a tread plate deck. They are used for high traction and have a corrosion free surface. They are also lightweight for easy navigation. They are available in ten thousand to fifteen thousand pound capacities.

Dock bumpers or barrier protections are so strong that it will stop a forklift dead in its tracks. They are made so durable that they can sustain direct hits and still maintain their structural integrity. Each guardrail is a mobile unit. The units can be combined to create custom configurations and lengths. They are delivered fully assembled to your site and are easy to install with either a base mount or removable core insert, and offer custom configurations to meet specific guarding requirements.

Our lifts offer ground entry and are manually propelled. The hydraulic lifts are designed for smooth one-person order picking up to 21 feet high. You do not need outriggers as floor locks secure the lift in place. Electric interlocks come standard. The lift will not block aisles and is easy to maneuver. The guard rails are removable which makes for easy loading and unloading.

Dock lighting is important to make sure that everyone is safe while working. Our goose neck lighting is perfect for both dock and task lighting. It’s stainless arm bends to simplify positioning making it rugged and flexible. It’s very easy to position and has LEDs built in to the housing.

Aluminum dock plates are made with a 3/8 inch or ½ inch aluminum tread plate. The ½ inch steel locking legs are joined with fasteners that are vibration-proof. These dock plates include strap handles that are comfortable for lifting. These dock plates are used in lighter capacity applications whereas dock boards are used for heavier applications.

Dock seals offer low cost but unparalleled sealing action. They are designed for the highest energy savings with durable features. The ends are chemically sealed to prevent moisture from getting in.

Strip doors are made of vinyl to reduce noise, fumes, drafts, dust and help to conserve energy while increasing worker productivity. All the strip door kits are available with full overlaps. They are great for loading docks, plant passages, personnel doors and freezers. The ribbed strips reduce scratching from cargo traffic, static and friction.

Whatever your loading dock equipment needs, we can help. Give Carolina Material Handling a call to discuss. We are available to visit you and go over all your needs in person.