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How to Create More Space in Your Space

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Mezzanine | Carolina Material HandlingAre you hurting for space in your warehouse or plant? A business that is outgrowing its facility is a great problem to have, but it does require a solution. When you’re running out of floor space, consider mezzanines and work platforms to make the most of your vertical space. Like a loft in a residence, but on a much larger scale, mezzanines are raised work platforms built inside warehouses and plants that create storage or any kind of workspace both above and below without using additional floor space. Each square foot of space is essentially doubled.


Mezzanines and Work Platforms Offer Many Benefits for Your Business

  1. Save space. When you’re out of floor space, the only way to go is up. Mezzanines are raised platforms that can be used for additional storage or workspace. When you purchase and install a mezzanine for your warehouse, you are getting twice the square footage out of one area of your facility.
  2. Save money. Adding a platform may be an additional cost upfront, but in the long run, it will actually save you money. You are doubling your work and storage space without having to expand or move your facility. Building an addition to your building may not be possible on a limited lot or may require you to sacrifice parking space. Moving your entire business to a new location is a costly endeavor that will result in considerable downtime. Installing a mezzanine allows you avoid these costs and hassles.
  3. Increase safety. When storing items, whether on pallet racks or other shelving, the higher you stack items the higher the risk of worker injury during storage or retrieval. Adding a work platform allows you to shorten your shelving and split items between the two levels. Equipment such as scissor lifts and forklifts will not need to go as high to store or access items and the risk of toppling pallets or boxes is reduced.
  4. Better organization. You can store items you don’t need to access as often on your platform level. This will streamline your storage and retrieval process and keep your supplies and products more organized.
  5. Grow your business. Your business can’t grow when there isn’t enough room to do so. Adding a mezzanine allows you to expand your business and take on additional orders or customers.

Professional Installation Ensures Safety and OSHA Compliance

Installation of mezzanines and work platforms should be handled by professional material handling suppliers. Carolina Material Handling representatives have the experience and know-how to tackle any platform installation, no matter how big or small. CMH employees are OSHA certified and will make sure your mezzanine is in compliance. Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to installation of platforms. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your employees are safe and your valuable products, supplies, and tools are protected. You’ll also save both time and money by purchasing equipment and installation in one bundled package. Call (336)294-2346 to schedule a mezzanine installation by the material handling experts at CMH.