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Commercial Construction Division at Carolina Material Handling


Here at Carolina Material Handling we offer commercial construction products and items like flag poles, audiovisual mounts, dock equipment, lockers, benches, wire mesh partitions, toilet partitions and much more. We have teamed up with a variety of manufacturers to bring our clients the best products available.

Our commercial construction services are used in many different settings. They include the following;

•  Bin & Container Storage

•  Cabinets & Lockers

•  Dock Equipment

•  Drum Handling

•  Engineering

•  Environmental & Safety Products

•  Facility Maintenance

•  Field Verifications

•  Handling Equipment

•  Office Products

•  Outdoor Products

•  Packaging & Shipping

•  Shelving & Racks

•  Shop Equipment

•  Submittals

•  Takeoffs

•  Trucks & Carts

•  Turn-Key Installation

With our wire mesh partitions we can ensure that entrances are safe from intruders by creating a blockade that is easily locked into place. Utilizing locker and washroom partitions also ensures privacy and security. We’ve worked with businesses to install lockers, projections screens, TV mounts, plaques and signs, fire extinguishers, flag poles, and washroom accessories.

We provide the best products to our customers by partnering with the best commercial manufacturers. Below is a list of manufacturers we work with and the products they make.

•  Bobrick – Washroom accessories
•  Bradley – Washroom accessories, toilet partitions, lockers.
•  Da-lite – Projection screens, TV mounts.
•  Excel – Hand dryers.
•  General Partitions – Toilet partitions.
•  InPro Corporation – Wall protection, cubicle track, louvers, signage, interior coatings.
•  Lyon Workspace Products – Metal lockers, storage solutions, pallet racking.
•  SpaceGuard – Wire partitions, storage lockers, guard rails, hand rails.

Our Division 10 specialties include the following;

•  Access Doors

•  Architectural Finishes

•  Audiovisual Mounts

•  Commercial Mailboxes

•  Cubicle Tracks & Curtains

•  Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets

•  Flag Poles & Flags

•  Hose & Valve Cabinets

•  Lockers & Benches & Shelving

•  Plaques & Signs

•  Projection Screens

•  Shelving Systems

•  Toilet Partitions

•  Visual Display Boards

•  Wall Protection & Corner Guards

•  Washroom Accessories

•  Wire Mesh

•  Partitions

Call today and talk with one of our friendly sales staff to discuss your commercial construction needs.