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Choosing the Right Conveyor System for your Warehouse and Factory Needs

Conveyor Systems GreensboroOver the decades, a wide variety of sizes and configurations of conveyor systems have been invented to meet the demanding industrial needs. Conveyor systems can be designed to fit almost anywhere and are usually much safer than using a forklift or other type of machine to move materials. Conveyor systems provide an efficient and safe internal transportation option for many industries. However, conveyor systems are not a one-size-fits-all recommendation, and it’s important to find a conveyor that best suits your specific needs.

Here are some popular conveyor systems:

  • Skate wheel conveyors are powered by gravity and offer smooth movement of multi- sized cartons and totes and are easily relocated throughout the areas of need.
  • Roller conveyors are popular for side loading and temporary accumulation of products. Roller conveyors are widely used in pharmaceutical industries, oil industries, and various related industries. Roller conveyors use range from basic transportation of boxes and cartons to moving large heavy items like pallets, steel drums, and bulk containers.
  • Ball transfer tabletops are used to convey packages, crates, and other materials quickly and effortlessly in any direction. These conveyors are customarily used for assembly lines, package and carton movement by hand.

It is important to consider when purchasing a conveyor system such factors as materials, facilities, and the long-term needs of the business.

Material Handling

One important factor is whether the system you are considering is suitable for the material it will be handling. Some questions to ask:

  • How much weight does the conveyor system need to be able to handle?
  • How much weight will future projects require my conveyor system to handle?
  • Do my products need special containers or other features on the conveyor to lessen the risk of breakage?


The facility plays a huge function in the configuration of your conveyor system. Evaluate the layout of your facility and determine areas where the conveyor may need to turn, elevate, or accommodate other areas and how it will fit within your production area. These determinations are essential to designing a conveyor that works with the space you have. Another consideration is portability. If you think your company may move down the road, a modular design may be suitable as you’ll have an simpler time moving the device to another facility and customizing it to the new location.

Long term needs

When considering a big investment like a conveyor system, it’s important to think about the future.
Do you anticipate expansion and growth for your company?
Will you need to start moving heavier or larger items?

Conveyor systems are staples in industries where quick and fast handling of packaging and shipments is critical. The right conveyor system can help you realize increased efficiency and safety. Careful planning is required, however, to get the most out of the system you purchase.

Changes in technology are certain to keep the material handling industry in motion. Carolina Material Handling’s expert knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art conveyor equipment are here to help keep your products moving. Whether you need a temporary or permanent conveyor solution, let us assist in helping you save time, energy and increase productivity with our conveyor systems. Give Carolina Material Handling in Greensboro, NC a call today: 800-822-8833.