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Buy Pallet Racks in Greensboro from an Experienced Company

In the industrial sector where warehousing and storage are necessary, it is important to purchase pallet racks from a company that has experience with installation as well as sales. Carolina Material Handling (CMH) will recommend the best pallet racks for your business and install them. Our installation team not only ensures that your pallet racks are installed correctly and safely, but it gives us the knowledge necessary to recommend the right product for your warehouse. When you buy pallet racks in Greensboro from CMH, you can expect reliable service.

Drive-through pallet racks are convenient

Drive-through or drive-in pallet racks are made to allow room for forklifts to easily maneuver through the bays. These racks are ideal for dense storage of the same products so that there are no issues with access to particular items. Drive-through racks are designed to an entrance and exit, where drive-in racks usually have just one entryway. These racks help organize traffic flow in your warehouse.

Selective racks allow for flexibility and variety

When products cannot be stacked densely, selective racks are a better option. They allow access from the aisle to each pallet. When you have a variety of products that all need to be accessed at different times, selective racks are more flexible. This is ideal for products with expiration dates.

Push Back Racks provide denser storage with easy access

Pallets can be stored 2-5 deep on carts that push back. There is no need for forklifts to enter so the products are safer from damage. And all pallets are easily accessible if needed. You get the benefits of dense storage, like maximized space, with convenient access to all inventory.

Cantilever racks in Greensboro are ideal for large or odd-shaped items

If you have products that are too big for typical pallets or are oddly shaped, cantilever racks provide a convenient solution. Another advantage is speed of loading and unloading due to their unique design.

Reliable Installation

In addition to recommending the best storage solutions for your business, CMH expertly installs your pallet racks. We provide proper installation to ensure the safety of your warehouse. Besides choosing the right pallet racks for your storage needs, the layout of the racks within your warehouse is just as important. We set up your pallet racks according to the traffic flow in your warehouse in order to maximize space and organize product. CMH also breaks down pallet racks and offers moving services.

Carolina Material Handling has been providing industrial storage solutions since 1971. CMH serves Greensboro and all of North Carolina, as well as South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. Request a quote or call 336-294-2346  to speak to an experienced sales specialist.