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Best Uses for an Accordion Conveyor in your Warehouse

Conveyors make work easier in plants and warehouses where items need to be moved from place to place unassisted, such as assembly lines. Accordion conveyors take this concept to the next level by adding flexibility and mobility. You can simply move your conveyor around the workplace to accommodate whatever needs you have.

Accordion Conveyors are ideal for:

  • Assembly line. You can easily set up a temporary assembly line using an accordion conveyor. It can bend around any object and collapses easily for storage.

  • Packaging. Accordion conveyors work well for packaging. Boxes and containers can be packed and moved on down the line to be sealed and either stored or mailed. The mobility and flexibility of the accordion conveyor makes it possible to set up a packaging station anywhere as needed.

  • Loading and unloading trucks. When items are being moved into or out of trucks, an accordion conveyor makes it easier to move products quickly. It can then be pushed out of the way when the task is complete or to make room for loading or unloading large items.

  • Shipping and receiving. When it comes to handling incoming or outgoing packages, accordion conveyors make it easier to move and sort mail. Multiple workers can access the conveyor at a time and it can be extended and shortened as necessary to reach any location.

    Accordion roller conveyor from CMH

Make Work Easier with Accordion Conveyors

  • Flexible. Can bend around any obstruction.

  • Portable. Can be rolled to any location on its sturdy wheels.

  • Compactible. Can be folded up for easy storage.

If you need a solution for packaging, loading and unloading, or assembly line work, an accordion conveyor is just what you need. It can change the way your warehouse, plant, or workspace functions and increase productivity. Order online or call Carolina Material Handling at (800) 822-8833.