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Best Drum Handling Equipment Safety Measures

Photo of drum handling equipmentOne of the most volatile items in warehouses and industrial work zones are drums full of liquids. Drums are heavy, bulky, and often filled with hazardous chemicals. Proper handling of drums is a crucial element of workplace safety. Essential drum handling equipment makes moving, storing, and pouring drums easy and safe. Proper operation of the appropriate equipment will mitigate the risk of worker injury.

Safe Drum Handling Tips:

  1. Always use the proper equipment. Workers should never try to move drums by hand. Back injuries, crushed hands and feet, and other injuries can occur all too easily. Drum handling equipment are designed to move drums safely and avoid worker injury.

  2. Workers should be trained on drum handling procedures and equipment. Drum handling equipment only works if it is used properly. Thorough training is a must.

  3. Know what is in the drum. Be aware of what the drum is holding. Some liquids are flammable or corrosive and must be handled with extreme caution.

  4. Secure drums when moving. If a forklift is moving a pallet of drums, the drums need to be secured to keep from toppling over if the forklift were to stop short.

  5. Inspect pallets used for drums. Pallets often get jagged wood pieces and nails that stick up, which are a puncture hazard for drums. Check pallets well before stacking drums.

Drum Handling Equipment from Carolina Material Handling Keeps your Workers Safe

Avoiding worker injury is important to any business. Keeping your workers safe and avoiding worker’s compensation and disability claims will save you money. Purchasing the proper drum handling equipment will speed up production and make each worker more efficient. Technology is always changing, and you may find that it is time to replace your current equipment with updated new items that could improve safety and productivity in your warehouse. Call Carolina Material Handling at (800) 822-8833.