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Benefits of Pallet Rack Wire Decking

What is a pallet rack wire decking?

When you work in a warehouse setting you are likely to come across pallet rack wire decking at some point. This is essentially a form of storage whereby you can store multiple packages, usually quite heavy and large ones, placed on top of each other on a shelving unit. The pallet rack wire decking is then positioned underneath the pallet rack beams which will provide more surface area for your goods to be placed on making it far easier to stack them up without them falling off. In a warehouse/distribution center ideally the more you can store in a small space, the better. 

Benefits of wire decking

A significant advantage of utilizing pallet wire decking is the increased safety it provides in a warehouse setting. When you have multiple heavy goods stacked on top of each other in a large warehouse, where the ceilings are high, there is the likelihood that goods might fall on top of one of the workers if not positioned correctly. The pallet wire decking prevents items from slipping off and causing harm to anyone, creating a much safer environment to work in. Safety is a key feature in the distribution and construction industry, so anything that can be done to minimize any risks is always welcome. 

Wire decking also provides a much more sanitary storage solution, particularly for perishable goods. Compared to wooden pallets, the metal wire racks do not run the risk of catching fire or letting goods perish due to lack of airflow, which is what would occur if there was no ventilation amongst the stacked goods. They can also be used in a cold environment which is likely to be common when edible goods are being stored. So when you work in the food industry or distribution center this type of storage solution will be particularly useful. 

Things to consider when selecting wire decking

There are a few things you will want to consider when choosing which wire decking is suitable for your needs. How many goods do you plan to store away? What type of goods are they? Perishable or non perishable? Will you need to move the goods frequently or will they be kept in storage for some time? What kind of environment will your goods be stored in? Will it be a cold or warm environment? Will you need heavy strength decking to accommodate your goods or will they be light, weight wise. 

Knowing the requirements of the type of goods you will be storing/moving will enable you to choose the correct type of pallet wire decking for your specific needs. The advantages of wire decking means that installation is easy to do, so does not require professional assistance. But at least you know that safety wise your goods will be stored away, free from risk in a very stable environment. 

Different types of wire decking

The variety of pallet wire decking that you will require will be dependent on what you intend to use it for. There are several varieties available to choose from so the options are plentiful. 

  • Flared Channel Decking- Thesecan be used for any type of goods, so very versatile. 
  • Inverted Channel Decking- Ideal for food/perishable goods. 
  • Drop In Flush Decking- Useful for when you need to gain access to the front of the beams. 
  • Step Channel Decking- Suitable for areas which have step beams.
  • Waterfall Wise Mesh Decking- Ideal for box and step beams scenarios. 

Given the wide variety of wire rack storage solutions, it is important that you choose the correct one that you require so that you do not run the risk of injuring yourself or your coworkers. Safety is paramount when choosing the correct pallets. So if you are in need of some pallet wire decking then look no further, as you will need professional advice to help you decide on the appropriate storage solution for your needs. 

So get in contact with us today to help you find yours.