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The Benefits of Buying Used Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet Rack Installation with Safety NettingWhether you’re getting a new business up and running, replacing your old pallet racks, or expanding your warehouse, used pallet racking systems are often recommended by material handling suppliers and customers alike. The benefits of buying used pallet racking systems are numerous and the risk is actually quite low. Consider the following advantages of used pallet racks before you decide if buying used is right for you.

  • Save money. The best and most obvious reason to purchase used pallet racks is the money you will save. Discount pallet racks typically cost a fraction of the price of new racking systems. The actual price, of course, depends on the supplier and other factors such as the age and condition of the racks. The money you save on pallet racks can be used in any number of ways in your business, especially if you are just starting out. Make room as your business grows; spend less on the expansion and more on the things that make a business successful.
  • Easy to inspect. A supplier receiving used pallet racks will find it easy to evaluate their condition before resale as each piece comes in. Used pallet rack suppliers will carefully inspect every part of the pallet racking system to ensure quality and safety of the equipment. It also makes things easier on the buyer. You can inspect each piece yourself to be certain that the product you are receiving is good quality.
  • You know it’s sturdy. If a pallet racking system has been used, sold, and resold and still remains in good condition, you can be sure you are getting a sturdy, durable product. And if a new system wears out quickly but surpasses its warranty, you won’t be able to return or sell your damaged product.
  • Save time on assembly. Used pallet racks are easy to put together and may even come partially assembled. Your warehouse can be up and running faster, and new storage space can be ready quickly so that products and supplies can go on the shelves as soon as possible. Installation is likely available from your supplier if needed.
  • Low maintenance. You can worry less about day to day wear and tear on your used pallet racks. With any new product, you may feel a need to be extra cautious to prevent scratches, scrapes, or dents. But your discount pallet racks give you the ability to work freely without concern for the aesthetics of your warehouse.
  • Easy to restore. If aesthetics are an important factor in your warehouse, used pallet racks are easy to restore to like-new condition. A quick coat of paint may be all your racks need to look brand new again (you can even color code your shelves for easy storage and retrieval). You’ll have pallet racks that look new for the price of discount pallet racks.
  • Ship faster. If you’re ordering online or from an out-of-state supplier, used pallet racks might arrive at your business much faster than new. Buying used pallet racks from a local supplier can save on shipping costs. You can get your warehouse set up faster and be ready to start doing business or be prepared quickly for a surplus of product.

Is Used Pallet Racking the Right Choice for Your Business?

Even with all of these amazing benefits of buying used pallet racking, you may still be wondering if this is the right choice for your business. Ask yourself the following questions.

How important is saving money for my business? If saving money is high on your list of priorities, buying discount pallet racks can make a difference in your company’s finances. If you have more to invest, you may prefer new equipment that comes with a new product warranty. Whether you are just starting out or expanding your current business, it is important to remember that the market is often unpredictable. Saving money now could make a difference to you later.

How important are aesthetics? Is it important to you that your pallet racks look spotless and pristine? It is possible to restore used pallet racks to like-new condition, but if you’re looking for perfection, buying new might fulfill your needs more ideally.

Is time an important consideration? If you need new pallet racks assembled and ready to go quickly, buying used can help you accomplish that. Used racks are easier to set up quickly because they have already been in place in another venue. Some parts may even come partially assembled. Shipping is often faster as well.

Do you have very specific needs in your warehouse? While used pallet racks can be adapted to fit a variety of widths and heights, they may not be as easy to customize as new. If you have any odd-shaped areas or very specific size requirements, you may choose to purchase new pallet racks that are customized to fit your space.

Are you in need of temporary storage space? Used pallet racks are ideal for temporary storage. If you’re not sure how long you’ll need the extra storage or if you need something that will work during a transition time, you can save a lot of money buying used in this situation.

How to Make Sure You are Buying Quality Used Pallet Racks

The best way to make sure you are buying quality pallet racks is to buy from a reliable source. Choose a material handling supplier that has a reputation for good customer service and quality products. Request the following information about any used pallet racks.

  • Metal quality. Most pallet racks are steel, but there are different types such as commercial or premium. Make sure they are made of quality steel before purchasing to ensure they will hold up over time.
  • Date of manufacture. The supplier should know the original date the pallet racks were made. This will tell you a lot about the racks from relevant seismic codes to steel quality.
  • Seismic codes. If there are regulations regarding seismic activity in your area, it is important that the pallet racks you purchase meet those requirements.
  • Repair records. Has there been damage that required repair at any point in the history of the product? If so, you should be able to access that information to determine the quality of the pallet racks you are purchasing.
  • Previous maintenance and use. Ask how the racking system has been used and maintained in the past. The more you know about its history, the better you will understand the quality of the product in question.
  • Is the model still in production? Is this pallet racking system (or a compatible system) still being made? If not, getting repair parts will be difficult. And the racks may have been discontinued for other reasons such as poor product integrity.

Carolina Material Handling Sells Quality Discount Pallet Racks

If you’re looking for a supplier of quality used pallet racking, Carolina Material Handling is reliable and knowledgeable. All used pallet racks for sale have been thoroughly inspected and proven to be in excellent condition. Installation services are also available. Call (336)294-2346.