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Advantages of Mobile Aisle Shelving

What Is Mobile Aisle Shelving?

Mobile shelving is a versatile solution that can be used to condense your stored products into less space. You can use this shelving to improve ergonomics, accessibility, and organization. This is an ideal system for warehouses or other environments where space is limited, as more space can be released as needed. By pressing a button or turning a handle, the shelves will compact together to save 50% floor space while still giving your the same amount of storage that would get from traditional shelves. 

Advantages Of Mobile Shelving

There are many advantages of using mobile shelving:

  • Improves the organization of materials, which helps to make your employees more productive and improves employee morale.
  • Reduce the floor space your storage takes up by 50% or double the amount you can store in the same space as traditional shelves.
  • Eliminates the need for new construction as well as the downtime and costs that these projects require.
  • Easy relocation and modification features allow you to use the shelving as your requirements change.  
  • Centralizes your storage into one place, making it faster simpler, and faster for employees to find what they need. 
  • Helps to reduce theft by unauthorized personnel.

Reasons To Use A Mobile Shelving System

Mobile Aisle Shelving

There are lots of good reasons to use a mobile shelving system in your warehouse or office. 

Maximize Space

Putting in place a mobile storage system will allow you to really optimize the space that you have in your office, warehouse, or another kind of workplace. Mobile shelving can hold a massive three times more capacity than a more traditional storage method. This allows you to store a lot more products, without needing to spend more on more space. 

Create Extra Space

Now that you have maximized the space that you have available, you will have a lot more extra space available in the office. This is perfect for a growing business that needs more space but can’t yet afford to move to a larger office. This extra space can be used for more desks, meeting rooms, break-out spaces, or whatever else you need. 

Reduce Retrieval Time

It will be a lot easier to locate the items you need as they will be stored in shelving units. These are much easier to use than filing cabinets. Shelving units will allow you to make your storage space a lot more organized and accessible.

Centralizing Storage

Moving all your items into a mobile storage unit and centralize all your storage. The unit can then be placed in your office, where everyone can easily access it when they need to. 

Looks Amazing

These mobile shelving units are customizable, which means that can be used to add a touch of decor to your office, using colored, graphic, or vinyl end panels. The storage looks smart, which impresses clients or customers visiting your office. 

If you want to learn more about mobile aisle shelving, visit the CMH website to see how this storage solution could work for your business.