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A Look at the Many Options Offered by Morse Drum Handling

Accidents, spills, and injuries are expensive for a business. Drum handling can be a risk for all three. Drums full of liquids are heavy and difficult to move, pour, mix, and weigh. Attempting to handle drums without the proper equipment can result in worker injury, messes, and possibly hazardous conditions. Consider the many products offered by Morse Drum Handling to improve safety and productivity in your warehouse or plant.  

A Wide Variety of Options to Make Drum Handling Easier 

There are many different categories and types of drum handling equipment. The types of liquids you work with, the nature of your business, and the size and layout of your workspace will all help to determine what equipment will work best. Options include: 

  • Drum rollers and tumblers. When you need to mix liquids, drum rollers and tumblers are designed for that purpose. Drum rollers gently mix the contents of large drums and tumblers offer a more vigorous mixing.  
  • Mobile drum handlers. Drum handlers lift and pour drums with ease. They are designed to be mobile so that they can move to the drum or drums you’re working with. Drum handlers are available in stainless steel and spark resistant models. 
  • Forklift attachments. Make it safer to move drums by forklift with drum attachments. Avoid damage, accidents, and spills. The Grip + Go™ model by Morse is a three-in-one product that lifts, moves, and pours drums all from the front of a forklift.  
  • Below-hook attachments. Another option to lift and pour drums, the below-hook attachment, works with a hoist or crane to handle drums.  
  • Drum rackers. Easily lift and store drums with drum rackers that grab and place drums horizontally on racks.  
  • Drum trucks and dollies. When you need to manually move drums with the added assistance of wheels or casters, hand trucks and dollies are designed especially for drums. The Clamp + Go™ handle easily attaches to drum dollies for easy and safe movement of drums, preventing spills and accidents.  
  • Drum palletizers. Move drums on and off pallets easily with drum palletizers. These hold drums vertically for pallet loading and unloading.  
  • Drum cradles. Drum cradles allow you to lift, move, and dispense liquids by rocking drums on curved metal rails. Similar to a dolly with wheels, the cradle feature makes lifting and tipping drums easier.  
  • Custom drum equipment. When you need a piece of equipment for a very specific purpose, Morse custom designs items to do just the job you need. Whether you have smaller containers to handle like 5-gallon buckets or you need an adapter that will fit a certain item, custom options are available. 

Drum Handling Safety is of Utmost Importance 

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the use of drum handling equipment is the increase in safety in the workplace. In addition to decreasing the risk of injury or worse, productivity can actually increase because one worker is able to accomplish more in the same amount of time. Carolina Material Handling offers a wide range of Morse drum handling products to improve your business. Order online or call (336) 294-2346 to speak with a knowledgeable sales associate who will recommend the best equipment for your warehouse or plant.